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Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth & Community Benefits Act

This new act will advance renewable energy, drive statewide economic growth and create jobs.
Public Hearings
Due to the Governor’s recently announced yellow precautionary zone areas in Erie and Monroe Counties as part of the State’s Cluster Action Initiative, the Office of Renewable Energy Siting is transitioning the November 17th and 18th public hearings to a virtual format.

Due to concerns about public health and safety associated with the ongoing pandemic, the Office of Renewable Energy Siting has decided, with the Town of Clayton as owner of the public hearing venue, to transition the November 19th public hearing to a virtual format. To find more information on the public hearings, click here.


Establish a first-of-its-kind Office of Renewable Energy Siting to implement the timely consolidated review and permitting of major renewable energy facilities in a single forum that takes into consideration local laws, public health and safety, environmental, social and economic factors pertinent to the decision to permit such facilities.

Streamline and expedite the siting of major renewable energy projects and associated transmission facilities to help achieve the State’s clean energy and climate goals, while maintaining the State’s strong environmental and public participation standards.

Ensure that renewable energy projects deliver economic benefits to the local communities where they are built.

Within one year of the Act’s passage, the Office of Renewable Energy Siting is required to promulgate these regulations to implement the Act.